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Professional Package is designed for those that wish to maintain a reasonable cost/benefit ratio, at the same time, making a good presentation to future customers

It allows you to highlight your professional knowledge and qualifications, separating you from those that chose to simply list, or chose the Standard Package

Professional package presents you with the opportunity to create your own personalized profile within our web site.

An Have Attorney's Profile. icon will appear next to your listing information, which means you have "More information" available, further differentiating you from the more basic listing packages.

Therefore it is very important that you fully take advantage creating your profile

Attorney's profile

Included in your package:

Your own ad or photo
Up to a 1000 character description of your practice

Also includes: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Cellular Telephone Number, Fax Number, E-mail Address, Website, Your Specialty, Your Subspecialties, Office Hours, Forms of Payment, Languages

Plus a - Group D- Advertising Banner

Listing Results - Banner D

See Advertising Diagram.

Adding your e-mail address, which will have an Have Email Address icon next to your profile, will automatically give viewers the possibility to quickly contact you via e-mail for a consultation.

Consulting Form

At a low cost, purchase additional characters, to even further expand your description


Professional Package