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Recursos jurídicos

Identified by the Icon shown here in the results of BuscAbogados. Those professionals that added additional information to our basic database are listed and have the icon that identifies them.

The contents will be included in a special page that will open up once a user clicks on your listing and/or banner.

Images and Videos can be included in this special page and the User will have a better idea of the services offered by you.

The User will find names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, websites, days and hours of operation, languages spoken and much more information that will enrich the profile of each professional.

As in any website, an appropriate description of your specialties and qualifications will increase the possibilities of a User to be able to find you.

We recommend the reading of "How to write a good description".

You will find tips that will help you write the contents of your page.


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