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Describe your professional services in detail
and this will allow the Users to find you.

A good description will make the difference

It is time to load the information that will be available in BuscAbogados and you should spend a few minutes writing a proper and detailed description of your professional services. You can write in in English and we will translate it for you.

If you do this properly, you will increase your possibilities of being selected by the Users of our database search engine.

What does this mean?

If you write a detailed description, you will maximize your advertising investment by writing in your description "the words that you think the User will use" to search for a type of Attorney. The system is looking for a match between the words the user is using to search, and the content of your description.

How to write a proper description?

The Internet and www.BuscAbogados.com offer the possibility to our potential clients to find an Attorney in a more efficient and faster way.

To get the attention of these future clients, you need to write a proper description of the legal services you offer.

REMEMBER that this description is your opportunity to inform and encourage potential customers of the services you provide. If you write a complete and detailed description, it will be easier for the Users to find you.

To describe means to present the facts with words

It is worthwhile to make an effort and take the time to prepare a good description.

Our objective is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of your law office. For this reason you should take into consideration the following:

1- Prepare a clear and detailed list of services offered.

2- Organize the information following a certain order that will make the reading of the material pleasant

3- Think about what you would tell a client that comes into your office and mainly what questions these prospective clients will ask you.

4- Advertise only the professional services that you are able to offer.

It is not proper to write something as follows

We offer the best professional service in the Area, covering all of your legal needs"

Even though it sounds impressiver, the only words that will probably be searched by the user are "professional service", possibly by a client that does not know exactly what kind of service he needs from an Attorney.

A smarter way of writing this paragraph, with the same amount of letters, would be.

We specialize in divorce cases, child support, and prenuptial
in the Kendall area"

It is more probable that a user will search for the words "Divorce" or "Support" or "Prenuptial Agreements" and that the User will add to his search "in Kendall". In this case, our search engine will look for your business and will probably rank it as one of in the top of the lisitng because of its contents.

If you need help to write a good description, contact us. We will help you revise your description.

Images also talk for you

If the type of product you purchased allows photos and video in your page, please add them to your page. With photos and videos, the presentation of you and your law office will be beyond words.

The BuscAbogados Team